We all have emotions, some stronger than others. We like the feel-good emotions like joy and love and when the negative emotions show up, we do our best to avoid, suppress and resist them. 


Because we are taught to. Growing up, how many times did you hear things like “Be a good little girl”, “Good girls don’t yell”, “It’s not nice to get angry”, “Shhhhhh”

These experiences and words create neuropathways (think: brain grooves or trails) that suppress our emotions and tell us that they are bad. Emotions are not bad at all, they are the biggest messengers we have; the key is to learn how to listen to what they are telling us and allow ourselves to experience them without falling victim to them.


Felt empowered to create your own path forward with confidence and clarity.

Knew the next steps to take to break out of the cycle of self-doubt.

Spoke to yourself with love and compassion!

Experienced more gratitude and appreciation in your life!

Prioritized YourSelf in a way that allowed you to feel whole again!

Here is the thing. You can feel that way about yourself and it is all within reach. You might just need a little guidance and support…and that is what I am here for.

If your curiosity has brought you here, you might be asking yourself:

  • Why do I constantly feel overwhelmed?

  • Why do I feel resentful towards those I love?

  • How can I start trusting myself?

  • Why am I emotionally exhausted?

  • How do I create & prioritize time for myself?

  • How do I learn to ask for help?

  • How do I stop the negative inner dialogue?

  • How can I find my spark again?

  • What are my emotions trying to tell me? 

  • How do I start putting my needs first?

Throughout this powerful and transformative 6-Stage process, I will teach you how to understand what your emotions are telling you and identify the origins of the suppression. I will also teach you how to discover your core issues and overcome your limiting beliefs.

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Once a week for 6-weeks we go through specific stages that are designed to break through your pain and reconnect with a lighter and more powerful version yourSelf. 


I have taken the process I use with my 1-1 coaching clients and packaged it into this powerful program, breaking down into 6 steps to live in Emotional Empowerment. Normally this would cost $1,200, but I am offering it to you for $900. That’s a $300 savings!

You have two payment options available to you

Do not miss out on this breakthrough program that will enable you to finally feel lighter and capable of overcoming any hurdles in your life.


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Where do we meet?

All sessions are conducted via Zoom, a free video-based internet conferencing service. If you do not have high-speed internet, we can conduct the sessions via phone. Once you have purchased your program, a zoom link will be sent to you.

*What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a specific tool and technique to help you enter into a trance-like state. Hypnosis is a natural process, we drift in and out of hypnotic states all of the time. Using hypnosis to simply wake people from unresourceful states is just as beneficial as creating more resourceful states.There are many similarities between meditation and hypnosis; the main difference is that meditation is about acceptance and being open to whatever happens, whereas hypnosis is more directional – it’s about guiding you to something better. 

What is Time Line Therapy®?

Time Line Therapy® utilizes a person’s own internal “Timeline” to work with their unconscious minds in a variety of ways; including, healing emotional traumas and eradicating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours. I use hypnosis to help you accelerate your results in Time Line Therapy®.

Is there work to do between calls? 

Yes! I do give homework between our sessions that will be specific to what we worked on during our call that week. This helps you integrate the work and understand it on a practical level.

What happens after I sign up for the program?

You will be sent a scheduling link to book your first session with me. Once you have scheduled that session, and filled out the program form, you will receive an email with all the pertinent information for our calls as well as the Zoom link.

What happens after the 6 weeks?

Everyone evolves and integrates at their own pace, depending on what issues we are working with - and how uncomfortable you are willing to get (Emotional Empowerment is not all sunshine and rainbows). Once we have completed the 6 weeks, I encourage you to take some time to integrate the work you have done. Some clients take a few weeks and set up another program, and some transition to monthly sessions, and of course, some go on their merry way applying the tools they have learned with ease. I am more than happy to continue working with you.

Social Media

I would love to have you join my Facebook Group “Clarity and Consciousness” to connect with other like-minded women. I share tools and techniques, live meditations and videos and bonuses for members.


Cancellation policy

No refunds are offered once the work has begun.