"Wise beyond her years, able to see and communicate with great clarity, compassionate, but never afraid to thoughtfully say the hard things, Jessie is unusually gifted at listening, understanding, intuiting, guiding and inviting your mind and heart and soul to respond. Do you want to live life in more integrity and authenticity, to change your script, get out of your groove, own your stuff, grow, work toward your potential, live with intention and joy and fulfillment or simply deal with a specific situation? I have no question that anyone looking to refine their direction, their purpose, or their calling will find amazing inspiration and support in her strong but gentle spiritual embrace. With an ability to create a non-judgmental space for growth, ask the kind of imaginative questions that have a way of bringing out one's major insights and keeping the process positive, results-oriented and accountable in a non-threatening way, Jessie really knows how to view "tough" situations and has a solid compass or foundation in place from which to work. She is never short on courage, passion and power or loving-kindness paired with processes from a seemingly never-ending bag of tools from which she pulls...always at the right and perfect time. I have Jessie to thank for lovingly holding me accountable... to myself. The results have been tangible quantum leaps that then show up in all areas of my life. Working with her is as if she’s peeking deep inside of me to gently expose and address fears yet she's so positive that she makes looking at life differently VERY easy. Takes the sting out of scary situations. I find the conversations themselves are very healing, let alone the guidance that accompanies them.

Working with her is a gift, and time spent with her always leaves me lighter and introspectively deeper- and ultimately better, every time. I highly recommend at least a conversation with her and she would be a great asset to anyone with whom she comes into contact."

Nancy G.

"Jessica has greatly helped me work through multiple events and stressful situations in my life. Her listening skills, empathy and insightful observations make me feel that she is truly hearing me and understanding my barriers to success and fulfillment. The delivery of her counsel through intuitive guidance and offering a range of potential approaches that resonate with me provides positive and effective departure points that empower me to make the changes needed to move forward and thrive.

Amy T.

"A huge shout out to Jessica! I am so grateful for our coaching sessions. As a small business owner I find the support invaluable. It is so good to know that someone has my back. Jessica helps me to keep on track with my goals; addressing my fears and doubts and allows me to create a path of easeful business building. She patiently listens to my struggles and then comes up with a clear set of tasks that will get me past the block to move forward. Being a sole proprietor can be a lonely way of working and it is really helpful to have Jessica to bounce ideas off and sometimes to have her say "just do it"! I find that her support is invaluable and is helping me to maintain my enthusiasm and energy; which is creating a change in my bottom line."

Samantha W.

"My coaching sessions with Jessica were hands down the best I have ever experienced.   I recently found myself facing one of the most profound life transitions I had experienced in 25 years.  My usual "inward journey process" no longer fit within my new roles as both mother and entrepreneur, and for the first time in my life I felt lost and utterly ill equipped as I tried to manoeuvre this important life shift on my own.  However during the very first session with Jessica everything shifted.   Her powerful intuitive abilities helped us dive deep and quickly into the heart of the issues, as well as provided me with a deep sense of trust and faith in the process.  That coupled with her incredibly skilled coaching practices I found myself trusting in the universe again and equipped with new tools to step into this important life transition.  My results were almost immediate, which has never happened with a coach before in the past.  Thank you Jessica!"

Chrissie B.

During my intuitive reading withJessica, a lot of validations, truths, guidance and realities came up. I left that appointment in awe! A rebalancing of my present state and validation to a few questions I wanted answered from the universe. I write this so that I can spread the word for anyone seeking answers to 1) life 2) spiritual guidance 3) Finding a balance/redirection in your life - everything came out on the table and messages were coming through and, because of her GIFT, she called me on one thing that I didn’t mention which made my jaw drop; it showed me her genuine gift and talent that she is as an amazing Life Coach and Intuitive!! No matter where you are living, she is a phone call or Zoom session away and she will bring you much honesty and happiness (don’t get me wrong! She’ll call you on your stuff!!) Be ready ! Contact her! You won’t regret it - Jessica is the real deal.

Marloes V.

Conscious & Empowering Clarity Coaching

Welcome to my site, my name is Jessica. I am a Mother, Coach, and Businesswoman. For the last 20 years I've studied the fields of health and wellness, spirituality and conscious, mindful living. It's both my work and my life. Using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Intuition, Meditation, Natural Nutritional Support Systems and other healing modalities, I help women to reconnect with themselves during times of transition and change.

In my early 30's I found myself a divorced, single mother of two. I had known that things weren’t quite right up until that point, but I had attributed that to the regular ups and downs of relationships and parenthood. The truth was that I had become so far removed from who I truly was that I didn’t recognize myself. I unhappy about many aspects of my life during that period of time and I resisted so many of the challenges that came my way; but in reality, this was exactly the change I needed in order to reconnect with mySelf and who I AM at my core.

Sometimes you get stuck on auto-pilot, and come to realize you’ve been feeling like a spectator in your own life, like you’ve been living in a fog. I know this feeling all too well. I offer a nurturing and nourishing space for you as you grow, learn and step into consciousness and clarity about who YOU are at your core and where you want to go, through radical self-care, nurturing, nourishment, kindness, self-love and a little ass-kicking. I've helped women create successful, meaningful lives using NLP mindset coaching, intuition, self-care, meditation, wellness & nutrition strategies and Huna energy healing.

It is my pleasure and privilege to help you reclaim your life & your dreams. Whether through private one-on-one coaching sessions we create a safe space to explore the deeper facets of yourself and what you want in life. You CAN create a life for yourSelf that is in alignment with every part of who you are, body, mind and spirit.